Lauren (897x1280)Position: President
Held By: Lauren Hogge
Hometown: Falls Church, VA
Moved From: San Francisco, CA
Undergraduate School: University of Delaware
Career Field: Human Resources

Welcome!! Kenan Connection exists because Kenan Flagler is all about community, and we want you to be a part of that! When you arrive and meet people through KC, you will realize that it is easy to relate because everyone is walking through this experience together. Moving to a new place is definitely a transition but hopefully soon Chapel Hill will start to feel like home.


Sarah3Position: VP
Held By: Sarah Healy
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Moved From: Tallahassee, FL
Undergraduate School: Florida State University
Career Field: Registered Dietitian

Moving to a new place can be very difficult but the nice thing is that EVERYONE is in the same boat as you! So you might as well just dive in, get fully involved and become part of the community. I was so thankful for the Kenan Connection community in the past when transitioning here and will be so thankful for it in August as my husband and I welcome our first child!


Jen (889x1280)Position: Communications
Held By: Jennifer Yadav
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Moved From: Raleigh, NC
Undergraduate School: Miami University (Oxford, OH)
Career Field: Automation Engineering

Kenan Connection is a great way to get out and have fun when your student is buried in classes!


Rhythm2Position: Business Manager
Held By: Rhythm Fadia-Maniar
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Moved From: Valparaiso, IN
Undergraduate School:
Career Field: Healthcare Administration

Kenan Connection is about having fun, learning about different countries/cultures, supporting each other, and making friends for life :) :) Enjoy your time in Chapel Hill

Dana (895x1280)Position: Social Club Chair

Held By: Dana Carrus
Hometown: Sands Point, NY
Moved From: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate School: Bucknell University
Career Field: Real Estate

Kenan Connection provides fun opportunities to meet others who are going through the same transition to Chapel Hill and the MBA partner lifestyle that you are. Be open minded, attend as many events as you can and be confident that Chapel Hill will feel like home before you know it! I love exploring the restaurant and food scene – connect with me if you want to know more.

Heather (901x1280)Position: Social Club Chair

Held By: Heather Curran
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Moved From: Lived in Raleigh since ’10
Undergraduate School: Loyola University
Career Field: Nursing

Quote coming soon!

MakikoPosition: Dinner Club Chair

Held By: Makiko Yanaga
Hometown: Shizuoka, Japan
Moved From: Tokyo, Japan
Undergraduate School: Ochanomizu University
Career Field: Finance

Old saying says ‘Behind every successful man, there is a wise woman’, I agree but let’s tell me who is behind the successful lady?!
That’s Kenan Connection!
Let’s make this two years great one together! I can’t imagine my time in Chapel Hill without Kenan Connection, so just Join us!!

Hiroko (894x1280)Position: Dinner Club Chair

Held By: Hiroko Shen
Hometown: Yamaguchi,Japan
Moved From: Morrisville,NC
Undergraduate School: Aoayama Gakuin University (Tokyo, Japan)
Career Field: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Kenan Connection welcome to all partners! Let’s create a great community and support each other through our dinner events and other social activities!

KaraPosition: Dinner Club Chair

Held By: Kara Arney
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Moved From: Chapel Hill, NC
Undergraduate School: Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
Career Field: Nursing

Whether you’re from out of town or a North Carolina native, Kenan Connections is a great way to branch out while your partner is busy with school!

Hannah (897x1280)Position: Community Service Club Chair

Held By: Hannah Nousain
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Moved From: Minneapolis, MN
Undergraduate School: University of Minnesota
Career Field: Higher Education

Moving to a new place can be scary – Kenan Connection is a great way to meet new friends and make the process of moving to a new place FUN.

Allison (896x1280)Position: Community Service Club Chair

Held By: Allison Fox
Hometown: Abilene, TX
Moved From: Abilene, TX
Undergraduate School: McMurry University
Career Field: Psychology

“Nothing gives you confidence like being a member of a small, weirdly specific, hard-to-find group of friends”.

Kenan Connection gives you the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people from many walks of life with great personalities! It is also a great way to have lots of fun while making such a big transition.

Sonam1 (897x1280)Position: Craft Club Chair

Held By: Sonam Chawla
Hometown: Muzaffarnagar, India
Moved From: Mumbai, India
Undergraduate School: Symbiosis International University
Career Field: Fine Arts

Two years with Kenan Connection. Open forum to ease the transition. Lets come together to craft. Save moments like drafts. To explore life more. Lets live to the core..!!!

Rebeca (897x1280)Position: Craft Club Chair

Held By: Rebeca Sanchez
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Moved From: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Undergraduate School: Universidad Rafael Landivar
Career Field: Industrial Design

Kenan connection makes you feel like home. It is a great experience to share and make new friends in a new place, definitely feels great!


Liliana (752x1076)Position: Craft Club Chair & Families Liaison
Held By: Liliana Jurdi Carui
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Moved From: Franca, Brazil
Undergraduate School: FAAP – Fundação Armando Álvarez Penteado (São Paulo, Brazil)
Career Field: Marketing

The process of changing to a different country or city is very challenging. Kenan Connection has helped me not only to get involved with events and to meet people, but also to make me feel I’m part of a new family. It’s amazing to feel you are part of a huge world with so many different people in a small and charming town. Let’s enjoy this unique time together! :)

SnehaPosition: Sports and Entertainment Club Chair

Held By: Sneha Ganneri
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Moved From: New Delhi, India
Undergraduate School: Delhi University, India
Career Field: Finance

Kenan Connection is a great way to meet new people. Not to mention its always fun to tell your student, “honey, dont wait up for me tonight, I am going out and its a ‘Partners-only’ KC event, so NO you are NOT invited”!!

Yara (896x1280)Position: Sports and Entertainment Club Chair

Held By: Yara Khuri
Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Moved From: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate School: University of Balamand, Lebanon
Career Field: Marketing

I love Kenan Connection! It’s the perfect way to make new friends. I wish there’s a KC fam in every city :)

Kristen (581x630)Position: Sports and Entertainment Club Chair

Held By: Kristen Kesler
Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI
Moved From: Boston, MA
Undergraduate School: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
Career Field: Speech-Language Pathology

Kenan Connection reminds us that we are not alone in this process! No matter where you move from, meeting the friendly faces of KC and attending events helps make the transition to Chapel Hill an easier one :)

Stephanie1Position: International Liason

Held By: Stephanie Ye
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Moved From: Shanghai, China
Undergraduate School: Shanghai International Studies University
Career Field: Marketing, non-profit management

New Environment, New People, New Life, but don’t afraid of being alone! Here in Kenan Connection, you are all connected